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Science and technology for the “quality” and “quantity” of information

When we want to make good use of information, we should think of not only its quantity but also its quality and value. Unnecessary information is useless for us, no matter how much volume it has.
By 2030, the amount of information created by humans is estimated to reach over a yottabyte, which is as one thousand times as current information quantity. Given the growth trends in existing technology, we’ll have serious difficulties of coping with enormous information in the near future.
We have to establish a novel field of science and technology which deal with both quality and quantity of information. By analyzing the quality, we aim to extract the values from vast amounts of information and to enjoy the potential knowledge and wisdom within the yotta-scale data.

Program objectives

  • New interdisciplinary academic fields dealing with both “quantity” and “quality” of information
  • Creation of novel areas of research covering from information engineering to humanities and social sciences
  • Establishment of a research and development platform for interdisciplinary ICT science and technology combining the humanities and sciences
  • Creation of unprecedented social value based on research about both “quantity” and “quality” of information in relation to big data, AI, IoT, security, etc.
  • Contribution towards building a more enriched society with a richer depth of culture and more robust systems in place (through cultural value, urban planning, disaster reduction and prevention, energy, etc.)
  • Providing ICT technologies with proven results in personalized and individualized services, marketing, medical treatment, healthcare, etc.
Science and technology that deals with the “quality” and “quantity” of information


New information science and technology research combining the humanities and sciences

Establishing a pioneering area of science combining information “quantity” and “quality”, we aim at creating the basis of future ICT technology to extract values and knowledge from enormous volumes of information, which is estimated to expand to more than 1000 times as the current volume and to exceed a yottabyte (one trillion times one trillion: 10^24) within15 years from now.

We will open the concept to enable a system capable of comprehending “quality”, “values”, and “knowledge” from vast amounts of information.

In order to combine human intelligence with data processing technology, we are promoting interdisciplinary research across the sciences and humanities.

Development of yotta-scale information science

  • Big data: Technology to obtain useful knowledge from large volumes of data
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Technology to achieve human-like judgements to produce intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Technology to form networks between “things” and control all information
    • technology to make “things” more secure
    • high speed broadband network communication technology
New information science and technology research combining the humanities and sciences






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